Star Wars Commander


I was UX Design Lead. Title received 4.5 stars in iOS App store, saw 5 million downloads in first month alone, continues to produce profits for Disney Interactive. 

Star Wars Commander

Mobile game built using Unity 3D. 

User Experience Guidance: Descriptive Terms

Descriptive words written by me and refined with the team to guide UI design overall.


Overall UI requirements

A checklist of essential traits/guiding principles for this experience.


In-Game Dialogue

Dialogue box for in-game narration and story development.

Main HUD Controls

Actions at the bottom, readouts above.

Contextual Actions Menu for a Building

We experimented with a radial action menu expanding from the selected item, but that model wasn't as accessible for thumb interaction.

Base Layout Editing Mode

Perspective shifted from 3D to isometric during base editing, to make layout easier to read. 

Choose Your Allegiance!

Choose Rebels or the Empire as your faction. 

Player vs. Player and Missions 

Players could choose to focus on raiding other players or on story missions. 

Initial Sketch for Chapter System

Sketch for Chapters and tasks. Once structure and hierarchy were better understood, these were simplified to their current, more mobile-friendly form.

Alternate Sketch - Tasks

Alternate notion for task lists incorporating different planetary locations - akin to a 'carousel of planets'. 

Storyline Task List

Showing the details of tasks within a given chapter.

Troop Training Menu

Interface for creating more units to use in combat.

Combat HUD Controls

During combat, controls still related contextually to the standard HUD, but allowed for combat-related actions


Results - Editor's Choice on iTunes

During Month 1:
- #13 top-grossing app (just under Spotify) on iTunes
- Reached #3 on iTunes free games charts (shown here at #4)

As of October 2018, title is still rated 4 stars in app stores according to AppAnnie data