Ryan Homes
Website Redesign

I worked with Doremus in redesigning the Ryan Homes website to better support modern home buyers' needs. Location information and custom design options brought to the fore. Intended to scale and stack for mobile devices, this site was an early foray into Responsive Design. 

Site Map

I modified the existing site map and structure, moving 'Find Your Home' dynamic content panels to the home page and surfacing Ryan locations and specific home types relative to the user's location and (when available) interests.

Example User Flow

I crafted user flows according to current usage numbers and aligned the content at top levels with users' (and the client's) stated information goals. 

Home Page

Home page content was modified to display a zooming map interface showing locations where Ryan Homes were available, as well as showcasing particular Ryan Homes, dynamically served based on data from any previous visits. 

Site was an early responsive design, built to scale and stack these modules when viewed on narrower mobile displays. 

Locations / Find Your Home

The expanded view of location information allowed users to navigate via a map or via onscreen form fields or both. 

Search Results, Narrowed

As a user narrowed in on a particular area, the map and list of locations shown were designed to correspond to one another, using a modified google maps interface. 


The design also included floorplans that updated dynamically as the user selected different options for their ideal home.  A non-Flash version was planned in order to support devices lacking Flash support.