Process Building / Workflow

I have developed Design Process for several employers. Doing this requires understanding desired end products, the core work needed to produce them, and knowledge of what changes staff can readily adopt.  

Playdom Game Development Process

An overview of game production at the Palo Alto HQ of Playdom / Disney Interactive, with time mapped vertically (it flows from top to bottom).

Document Context

An explanation included with Playdom Game Design process notes on what the document contained and why it existed. 

Art & UI-Focused Process Chart

Time mapped horizontally to show correspondences and key milestones for typical projects. 

Levels of Effort

Diagram indicating effort needed at key intervals during game development.

Ideal Project Overlap

Suggested how best manage time with overlapping projects to maintain consistent staffing and make optimum use of designers and artists.

Art and UI Design Roles

Explanation for newcomers on the role of UI Designers in the rapidly expanding Playdom / Disney Interactive. 

Document Example - Creative Brief

The addition of a creative brief was essential to doing fast, appropriate design work by guiding designers from the beginning of a project. 

Standard Wireframe Stencils

Created for Punchcut, one standardized set of shapes used by multiple designers to speed wireframe development. 

Standard Use Case Diagram

Also created as a common tool for Punchcut designers.

Standard Wireframes

Created for Punchcut. Included multiple screen sizes for the devices of the time.