Scion IoT & Data Visualization Concept

This concept centered on drawing users into the Scion community even before purchase, and on using data from cars to enrich ownership.

Scion Owners' Portal Concept

Design concepts for the pitch to Scion focused on the owners' portal, which accessed a vehicle hardware device to generate data which was then visualized on the site.

Sketch - Navigation Rings

The two focus areas were: Configure (show your real car or design your ideal) and Community (see upcoming events and relate to other owners). 

Transparent Purchase

Concept of providing actual local stock information and options rather than faking a 'customization' interaction. Designed to enhance feel of authenticity. 

Cars Available Nearby

More of 'transparent purchase' concept.

Dealer Stock

Interface to show number of options available as more selections are made.

Experience Map / Customer Journey

I created a Customer Journey diagram mapping Auto Purchases for Millenials / Gen Y. This 'big picture' view of user experiences around auto purchase was used to generate insights around when and how to communicate with owners, and identify content types that site users would find compelling.

Non-Owner View

This wireframed screen is intended to give non-owners an idea of the community and benefits of ownership.

Non-Owner View - Vehicle Focus

This screen (seen in wireframe form) gets non-owners dreaming about (and virtually customizing) the car they want, allowing limited community participation and enticing non-owners to become customers. 

Owner View - Home

This view (in wireframe form) summarizes a variety of at-a-glance information about the vehicle and its usage.

Owner View - Profile, Game-ified

Game based profile concept lets owners see a 'metagame' experience, displaying where they have taken their car and awarding points for passing markers. This generates content while motivating more use.

Owner's View - Usage Data Trends

Visualized data trends derived from the feed from a built-in and inexpensive IoT hardware add-on.

Owner's View - Performance

A data view tracking key vehicle performance data.

Owner Community View

Forum for owners to share videos, stories, participate in contests, compare customization tips, and more.

Rendered Owner Community View

Visual rendering of Owner Community tab with shared content, contests, and other features.

Vehicle Performance

Visual rendering of performance data view. 

Personal Usage Trends / Data Visualization

Visual rendering of usage trend data.