Kitchen Scramble

Web and Mobile

Food Truck-themed cooking game, using easy intuitive 'recipes' to make gameplay accessible

Kitchen Scramble for Web and Mobile

Role: Led UX/UI design for web game and first mobile version (shown: web version)

Second Location

The second, breakfast-themed location: Waffleton, D.C. 

Tutorial Rollovers

Contextual aids are available when needed but not forced on players. 

End of Level Summary

Celebration of level progress - animation and sound used to enhance the emotions of the moment. 

Mobile Version

Larger objects (to fit fingers), reworked kitchen layouts, and a separate recipe display, all without compromising fundamental gameplay. Shown optimized for minimum spec device. 

Mobile Tutorial

Explaination of the mobile platform's different treatment of recipes.

Mobile Recipe Format

Limited screen real estate on mobile means viewing a recipe pauses game timer and displays the recipe in an overlay.