Kaiser Permanente
Flagship Mobile App


Kaiser Permanente needed a usable, modern and branded mobile app built without disruption or downtime.  

The Situation

Following Redshift’s successful Kaiser Permanente responsive website project, KP wanted to apply similar design thinking to their primary mobile app. 

The goal was to modernize the current app while ensuring a seamlessly usable experience across iOS and Android platforms.

Design Principles

The team reviewed the design principles for our existing KP work, and identified specific areas to emphasize for native mobile. 

Native Mobile Features

The team identified the unique strengths that native mobile functionality should add to existing KP content.

iOS - Android Reference

To ensure an accurate understanding of cross-platform capabilities, the team built an entire iOS-Android reference guide, highlighting key platform similarities and differences. 

Surfacing Key Information

The team's strategic insights led to a design that focused on contextual, timely delivery of key information. 

Users generally access the app with a specific purpose in mind, so supporting their immediate goal is paramount.

The Home screen design provides immediate access to the most-used features but also surfaces important actionable information like unread messages, upcoming appointments, and new test results.

Focused Innovation

The new mobile design retained much of what already worked - the existing app’s sections and general structure. The focus was on improving the overall app experience and applying a consistent and modern style.

Side-by-side Development

We designed screens for both platforms side-by-side, ensuring a consistent but optimized experience across both platforms. 

A Restructured Menu

The restructured fly-out menu provides direct access to primary functions from anywhere in the app. To aid readability and understanding, it is structured into distinct primary, secondary and tertiary sections. 

Smooth Releases

Changes to the app were rolled out in two phases over several months. No forced upgrades were ever required.

The Result

A vital, practical mobile app in use daily by millions!