Professional Bio

As an accomplished digital artist and data architect, Peter brings nearly two decades of design expertise to his leadership of user experience efforts and teams. His intense creative focus, combined with a deep understanding of modern user engagement, has resulted in the development of intuitive, highly flexible digital experiences for Kaiser Permanente, J.D. Power, Panasonic, Disney Interactive, Bank of America, Leapfrog, The New York Times, NetApp, Virgin Atlantic, Wells Fargo, and many others. 

Peter Odum is currently the Lead User Experience Designer at Anki, a groundbreaking consumer robotics company.

At different points during his career Peter has worked in agencies, big enterprise, startups, and gaming companies.

  • At Anki, he creates groundbreaking human-robot interactive experiences, including 2018's newly released Vector robot. 
  • At Redshift Digital and Propane Studio, he crafted elegant and usable product experiences such as the flagship Kaiser Mobile app, the Sutter Health website network, the StubHub mobile app, and the Ghirardelli Chocolate and websites.
  • As Design Director at Captricity, he worked with world-class data scientists and designed customer interfaces for A.I.-driven automated data capture from handwritten forms.
  • As Director of Creative Services at Disney Interactive, he managed a team of 24 designers and had the singularly thrilling role of leading UX design for the mobile game “Star Wars Commander”.
  • At Punchcut LLC, he worked on system interfaces and apps for a variety of hardware inclusing early touch devices, smartphones, TV set-top boxes, and even the Palm Pre. 
  • At Electronic Arts, he designed parts of the proto-social and Club Pogo web games platforms prior to the advent of Facebook social gaming, and designed the Pogo Gems microtransaction system before such systems were common in the western tech world. 

A graduate of Southern Methodist University and a devoted fan of science fiction, Peter is also a classically trained painter and printmaker, and plays drums in a local band. He speaks French and Spanish.